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Learn how your company can generate unique revenue streams by conducting business with the worlds largest spender, the U.S. Government!

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Government Consulting Agency

At Federal Services Co. we partner with your business to show you how to maximize your company's potential in the government marketplace.

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Federal Services Company

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Our firm is a full-service consulting solution for all types of businesses.We offer a wide variety of services designed to help your company grow by connecting your business with the Federal, State and Local Government opportunities.

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We really are here for one reason: to help your company reach its highest potential.

GSA Assistance

Annually, the federal government spends over 40 billion dollars with GSA Contract Holders. We specialize in the extensive application process that takes businesses over a year to complete on their own.

Bid Writing

We can help you to remain fixated on your business while preparing responses to proposals that uphold the same standard of excellence you provide. Our technical writers are seasoned experts.

More Services

Being a full service government consulting firm, we offer a variety of services to help your company tap into the largest market in the world.


Ensuring your company is correctly registered is vital to winning government contracts.

Business Certifications

Obtaining certain business certifications gives your company an advantage in working with the government.

Press Releases

Marketing your company is also paramount in building long-lasting relationships with government buyers.

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Our Success

We have a proven track record of success that has spanned more than two decades in the government sector.

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Federal Services Company

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We understand the importance of business owners’ valuable time. We focus on your specific needs and work with your availability.We facilitate the process between your business and other companies that will work to secure your government contracts.

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100+ Happy Clients in US

We have consulted with thousands of companies over the years and have provided great insight for our clients to grow their business through government sales.

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“We were recently approved for our Small Business Certification. I would highly recommend Federal Services to complete this for any business”

Raj Tahiri — WTI Technology Group

“I am very thankful to have worked with Federal Services and will certainly use their services for marketing, modifications or new contracts in the future.I would recommend them to any company seeking an FSS Contract.”

Ray Sami — Ultimate Solutions

Our company has flourished since we decided to get into government contract work. Federal Services got everything set up for us so we could be this successful.”

Jonathan Birch — B&C Heating and Cooling

“I am writing to wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Federal Services to assist you in completing your application to become a FSS vendor. You have our sincere thanks!”

Morgan Cook— Barra & Parker Group
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